Solar power is now accessible more than ever with solar panels being part of the modern landscape.

The advancement in this area has reached the point where campers can carry small solar kits in their backpacks. Even when camping out a hundred miles from the nearest power outlet, they can employ these small solar power stations to recharge iPhones and other digital devices.

If you are interested in this kind of versatile solar power, then you're probably interested in finding the best possible bargains on these energy resources, as well. 

Your Options for Power and Performance 

There are hundreds of small solar power kits available to the public at reasonable prices. The market for portable solar kits is now primarily focused on people who work outdoors. This diverse group includes park rangers, skiing guides, surveyors, highway maintenance workers, and many others. The key elements for making a successful purchase of a portable solar kit is to carefully study both the kit and the objects it is supposed to energize.

You must match the panel to your needs. The only remaining question is, which kits do a better job of recharging the wide array of batteries that we all use today? 
When you think of recharging a battery, don’t place a limit on your imagination. There are portable solar kits that can recharge a car, an RV or a boat.

These tend to be the heaviest panels available, and the most expensive, as well. Others can handle a TV set, a mini-fridge, or a laptop. Smaller kits tend to be designed strictly for smartphones and similar devices. It is much less expensive to find a solar kit that can charge a smartphone, or recharge a large battery for a laptop in a pinch, than it is to buy a large pair of panels that can handle heavy duty electronic charging. But do hikers need such heavy items?
With that in mind, lets look at some of the most popular solar power kits available today.  

Our Top 10 Solar Power Kits List 


After scanning the ranks of businesses that offer solar energy products, and examining the popularity of many of these items, this top ten list was produced in order to serve as a guide to your shopping experience. Here is a list of some great solar power kits that you can find for sale online:  

1. Renology 100W 12V Monocrystalline Starter Kit 

There are hundreds of small solar power kits available to the public at reasonable pricesFor those who are just beginning to explore the byways of solar power, this kit will provide plenty of energy. You can set it up to charge or recharge a wide range of appliances and devices.  
  • The high wattage enables this kit to recharge RVs, boats or other large items, and to keep small items working in top condition 
  • Excellent warranty for transferable power output 
  • Price is a consideration. Monocrystalline cells increase cost 
  • Choose carefully from one of the three controller packages as their performances vary depending on the demands you place on them 
  • Monitoring screens can be unclear 
Output power: 100W 
Size: 47 x 1.5 x 20.9 inches 
Voltage: 24V 
Amperage: 8A 
Weight: 19.8 lbs 
Charger: MPPT40, MPPT20, and PWM Wanderer Controller 
Efficiency & Durability:  
This kit provides big, durable solar panels and these bulky items can be trusted to take some weather. The top version of the controller, the MPPT40, can be delicate. 
With its best unit going at top price, this is a positive example of getting what you pay for. You can find it online by visiting this link
2. WindyNation Complete 400W Starter Kit 
If fully equipped, this kit can generate enough power to operate a small household. If you can combine this kit with several 12V power storage batteries and a good power inverter, this unit can serve almost all of your power and recharging needs. 
  • Four big panels that deliver tons of power 
  • High price includes a good 1500W inverter 
  • Kit includes good selection of cable support and can be bundled with storage batteries  
  • Complex system requires more literature to be fully employed as power source for home 
  • Operates on less efficient polycrystalline power cells
  • Specs: 
Wattage: 400W 
Controller: Vertamax 1500W Power Inverter 
Capacity: 30A 
Mounting hardware for four panels 
Cables: 40 ft. AWG solar cable, 2 AWG battery cables 
Efficiency & Durability: 
Bulky and designed to be installed permanently at one site, this kit has high durability and a good warranty offer. Expense is saved through the use of polycrystalline solar cells. 
WindyNation has created a monster system that can make you independent from the grid in very short order. You can research these packages here 
3. HKYH Solar Panel Starter Kit 
The HKYH kit is an unusual blend of high power intended for light use. This kit features a low price for high return of voltage. 
  • Includes several LED bulbs to create a working light board 
  • Tri-fold design for mobililty 
  • Great price for good power output, especially in comparison to other brands 
  • Less efficient polycrystalline solar cells bring efficiency down, while saving some expense 
  • Lack of details in instructional manual causes confusion 
Charging port output: DC 5V 4A max 
Output power: 5V 
Amperage: 2A 
Size: 7.1 x 4.3 x 3.1 
Weight: 9.9 lbs 
Efficiency & Durability: 
Portability creates some durability issues. The power cells of the panels could be more efficient, but they bring the price down. 
This is an unusually big kit to place in the portable category. You can study this product at the following Web address 
4. Grape Solar GS 400-KIT 400W Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit 
Grape Solar is interested in the world of off-grid energy. It has a lot of big power products available, and this is one of the smallest. Designed to introduce beginners to the joys of free energy, this kit can be relied upon to supply most of your household electronic supply. 
  • Able to operate small pumps and other house appliances when properly assembled 
  • When properly installed, requires very little maintenance 
  • Polycrystalline solar cells should create drop in expense, but price is high  
Controller: 35 Amp Xantrex 
Inverter: 2000W pure sine Xantrex Inverter 
Wattage: 100W 
Size: 42 x 100 x 1.6 inches 
Weight: 119 lbs. 
Efficiency & Durability: 
The four panels of this kit are big and strong, and they are meant to stay in one place. The Xantrex controller and inverter included in the bundle offer great efficiency. 
This kit charges a top price for some good materials, but it doesn’t provide any power storage batteries. If you are interested in purchasing this kit, try looking online here
5. Go Power! Weekender Starter Kit 
The solar power kits that are intended for households are bulkier then their portable cousins, the small sun panels. With this bulk comes complexity. This kit offers an inverter and controller in its bundle, but fails to specify any other details, other than price, which is fairly high. 
  • The unit gets top production from its design, offering high efficiency 
  • Good multipurpose capability, allowing some household appliances to operate while easily recharging small devices 
  • Very heavy and not truly portable 
  • Can be upgraded to multiple panels, but at a high cost bump 
Wattage: 160 
Weight: 60 lbs 
Size: 64 x 31 x 18 inches 
Efficiency & Durability: 
The Go Power! Weekender Starter Kit has some bulk, and it can handle some exposure to wind and rain, but there is no indication that the warranties on the product are good.  
This product is advertised as a source of power for recreation, and that might well be the case. If you want to purchase the item, you can visit the following link
6. WindyNation 200W Solar Panel Kit 
This particular item features a lot of power and an extremely low price, if you want to skip the power storage battery. Capable of charging RVs, boats, and household appliances, this product benefits nicely from WindyNation's usual great customer service. 
  • Patient and friendly customer service enables quick installations 
  • Powerful 1500W Vertamax inverter offers ease of use 
  • Unit is effectively monitored with LED lights  
  • Works perfectly and adapts well to any small digital device, giving a complex mechanism a great “plug and play” capability 
  • Solar cells made with polycrystalline silicon offer great savings but low efficiency 
  • Power storage batteries are an important part of a good kit, and they drive the low price much higher the moment you add them to the bundle 
Wattage: 200W 
Panels: 2 with polycrystalline power cells 
Inverter: 1500 Vertamax 
Controller: P30L Solar Charge Controller 
Capacity: 30A 
Efficiency & Durability: 
This package is very strong, but proper installation is necessary to keep this kit weatherproof. Polycrystalline power cells lack efficiency, but Vertamax inverter boosts performance. 
This kit is ready to provide plenty of power for household appliances, while simultaneously charging small devices. Check it out via this link
7. ECO-WORTHY Solar System Starter Kit 
Good things often come in small packages, and this package is no exception to the rule. ECO-WORTHY has designed this starter kit with the aim of powering up the person with a lot of small devices. This kit is reasonably priced and small in size. 
  • Addition of powerful controller improves productivity and ease of use 
  • High power production for the price 
  • Polycrystalline power cells lack efficient power production 
  • Not portable enough for light camping 
Voltage: 12V 
Amperage: 3A 
Wattage: 20W 
Weight: 6.3 lbs 
Size: 21 x 15.5 x 2.1 inches 
Efficiency & Durability: 
With its aluminum frame and simple panel design, this product offers better durability than most. However, it cannot be called the most efficient solar kit on the market. 
It may not be able to run an RV, but it is strong enough to maintain a crowd of digital devices. You can purchase it online here
8. Renology 400W 12V Monocrystalline Starter Kit with Wanderer 
We have seen Renology before, offering a 100W starter kit. This is the fully loaded version, with all the bells and whistles attached. With its new charge controller, called the Wanderer, this package is primed for high power. 
  • High efficiency monocrystalline power cells perform better in all conditions 
  • Plenty of basic inventory support items such as cables 
  • Powerful charge controller can improve performance in every way 
  • Kit doesn’t include a basic item, a power storage battery 
  • Lack of inverter in the bundle will cause more expenses later  
Wattage: 4 100W panels totaling 400W output 
Voltage: 12V 
Controller: 30A PWM Wanderer  
Weight: 16.5 lbs 
Size: 47 x 21.3 x 8 inches 
Efficiency & Durability: 
A high efficiency product, the monocrystalline cells give this kit a big power boost. Durability could be an issue, with delicate mono cells and lightweight brackets needing reinforcement. 
If you are looking for high power, this package will deliver it. If you only need enough power to operate some smartphones and laptops, think smaller. You can get this product online here
9. Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit  
Goal Zero focuses on outdoor supply for mountaineers and others in that category. The need for electronic power is no joke when you get lost in the Himalayas, so Goal Zero takes its quality control very seriously. This is their lighter product. 
  • Tightly designed for maximum lightness 
  • Fast and efficient inverter allows the unit to serve as a plug in power source 
  • Durable materials 
  • Not capable of charging household appliances 
  • Not as versatile as it could be 
Wattage: 50W 
Voltage: 12V 
Colors: Silver/Black 
Capacity: 50Wh, 5,200mAH 
Efficiency & Durabilty 
Due to its outdoor design, this product is extremely sturdy, although it looks fairly frail. It efficiency is improved by the included inverter.  
If you're looking for a real outdoors product, then check out Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit here
10. Goal Zero 39004 Yeti 1250 Silver/Black XX Large Solar Generator Kit 
There are countless ways to save a lot of money with small solar power kitsThe Yeti is Goal Zero’s high powered item. With a power storage battery included in the bundle, this kit is ready to provide lots of power for a long stay on the mountain. 
  • Capable of operating or charging small appliances for outdoor work 
  • Attractive packaging looks stylish out on the trail 
  • Offers some of the highest power production in the marketplace 
  • Too heavy to pack around, this is for base camp setups 
  • Price is high and reflects top quality materials 
Voltage: 12V  
Capacity: 1200Wh, 100Ah 
Size: 21 x 18 x 11.5 inches 
Weight: 116 lbs  
Efficiency & Durability: 
This is a heavy duty machine designed to assist mountain climbers. It offers great durability. Efficiency is only moderate. 
An impressive piece of powerful equipment, the Yeti has limited appeal but delivers the goods. Find it at this Web address 

A Final Look at the Amazing World of Solar Power Kits 

When you think about energy, think about going solar in a small way first. There are countless ways to save a lot of money with small solar power kits.
Only then, if you enjoy working with the wiring and the equipment, should you go ahead and go off-grid with a big kit that runs household equipment.
The sleek and powerful Renology 100W Starter Kit, equipped with high-efficiency mononcrystalline power cells, is powerful and easy to upgrade.
If you think that you are ready to jump into solar power in a big way, the WindyNation 400W Starter Kit is the best choice. Be aware that when you begin to add power storage batteries onto the package, prices go up rapidly. In either case, be ready to study electrical systems in depth before you make your move. 
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